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Top Picks | California Beach Towns

Top California Beach Towns


California is filled with wonderful towns and wonderful beaches. Travelers will find amazing sandy beaches for sunbathing and relaxing, other beaches great for enjoying all sorts of water sports and much more. Here are a few of the top beach towns found up and down the coast of California.


This California beach town is beautiful and relatively small. Travelers can enjoy the town's shops, restaurants, antique shops and more. In addition there are many options for enjoying the sandy beaches, including surfing, relaxing and much more. While staying in this lovely little town travelers can learn about the history of the Chumash Indians who lived in the area.


Encinitas is close to all of the fun of San Diego, but it is a nice relaxing California beach destination. Within Encinitas visitors will find multiple surfing beaches that are some of the best in the state. These surfing beaches include Seaside, Cardiff Reef, Swamis and more. On these beaches there are reefs, jetties and much more. Another wonderful activity is scuba diving at Encinitas Marine Life Refuge.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a great California beach destination for surfing enthusiasts, as well as other enthusiasts. The beach has a great break, which surfers will enjoy. In addition, it is easy to catch the waves off of the pier. Surfers will find that this is a good California surfing spot during the winter. Another Huntington Beach destination is Bolsa Chica State Beach, which is a wonderful destination for fishing. There are many options for surf fishing, as well as bare-handed fishing. The park stretches from Huntington Beach so Sunset Beach. Visitors can also enjoy the bike-way as well as wildlife and bird watching. Another benefit of the park is a year-round lifeguard.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a fantastic, and famous California destination. The town is filled with art galleries and more. The beaches offer a variety of activities, including Main Beach, which is great for bodysurfing and more. Aliso Beach Park is another wonderful destination, it is fairly secluded and has some excellent snorkeling . With a natural reef just offshore and calm conditions, snorkelers will find plenty to see. Aliso Beach Park is also a good spot to enjoy night diving.

Visitors to Malibu can enjoy some wonderful California culture. This town has some excellent surfing beaches, as well as some impressive homes and lots of fun. Malibu Beach is one of these great surfing beaches. The waves are great, and especially big during the summer. The region has a long stretch of coast, with many spots to surf. One way visitors can enjoy all that Malibu has to offer is to rent a beach house and spend some time exploring the area.

Pismo Beach

One of a group of wonderful California beach towns, Pismo Beach offers travelers a fantastic California beach destination. The town has a wonderful, friendly atmosphere that visitors are sure to love. It is also quite and has plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. Of course no visit to Pismo Beach would be complete without spending some time at the fantastic sandy beach.

San Clemente

This little beach town offers visitors a nice relaxing atmosphere, with a nice pier and of course a wonderful beach. One great feature of the town are the Trestles. The Trestles in San Clemente are just one of the great surf destination in the area. Surfers can enjoy the swell here almost year-round. There are consistent, powerful waves, which are especially good during the summer and winter.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is another one of California's fabulous cities. Visitors to Santa Barbara can enjoy a wide range of recreational opportunities as well as the fine dining and culture of the city. Santa Barbara is especially fantastic in the summer when the beaches are at their best. On the California Coast in Santa Barbara there are miles of beautiful beaches. On these beaches there are many different activities for visitors to enjoy. A little ways along U.S. 101, it's name changes once again from  El Camino Real to the Ventura Freeway.

Santa Cruz

The quirky city of Santa Cruz will be lots of fun for any visitors, and it also has some amazing west coast recreation. Santa Cruz is considered to be a great spot for surfing, and along those lines it also has a great skateboarding culture. For skateboarders the Ken Wormhoudt Skate Park is a must see destination. For those seeking some amusement the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an ideal destination, this is one of only a few seaside amusement parks and combines traditional boardwalk activities with the thrill of modern amusement parks. One of Santa Cruz's real gems is the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. The Mystery Spot draws people year round and helps to keep Santa Cruz quirky and weird.

Santa Monica

Visitors to Santa Monica will be delighted with all of the attractions to be found in the city. Stop at the Will Rogers State Historic Park, where visitors can see Will Rogers' ranch, which is being restored to look as it did during Will Rogers' lifetime. No stop in Santa Monica is complete without a stop at the Santa Monica Pier, where visitors will see street performers, a historic Carousel, an aquarium and don't miss watching a beautiful sunset from the pier.



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