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Top Picks | Christmas in July

Best Christmas in July Celebrations

Christmas in July is a very unique holiday. Communities throughout the world have their own Christmas in July celebrations. Many southern countries choose to celebrate Christmas in July because July is winter in the southern hemisphere, while December, the month that Christmas falls in, occurs during the summer. Here are a few celebrations held in U.S. communities, celebrating Christmas in July.

Broward County, Florida
Broward County has a very special celebration. Each year the non-profit company Christmas in July Inc. holds an event to designed to raise money for the homeless children in Broward County. Each year the children are invited to participate in the Christmas in July event. The event raises money for the homeless children and their families. At the event children are given gifts of new clothing, school supplies, toys and more. This event truly celebrates the generous spirit of Christmas.

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Top Picks | Fishing Spots

Top Places to go Fishing

Most of us have experienced the joys of fishing at our local pond or lake, but few of us get the chance to experience fishing at some of the best locations in the United States. This list includes only a few of the top fishing holes in the country -- there are many more and they are always changing due to varying conditions. Although this list is not comprehensive, it does include spots considered by many to be the best fishing locations in the country for fly fishing, ice fishing, fresh water, salt water, and deep sea fishing.

Silver Creek, Idaho
Located in Idaho, Silver Creek is a top fly fishing location. Much of the creek flows through the Silver Creek Preserve. This spring-fed tributary of the Little Wood River is, in fact, a world-renowned fly fishing location. Anglers especially will find this spot a delight. The headwaters of the creek are surrounded by farmland, which provides amazing scenery, and as it flows it turns into a large creek that moves through the Silver Creek Preserve. Silver Creek is known for its large Brown and Rainbow Trout.

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Top Picks | Mini Golf Courses

The Very Best Mini Golf Courses

A family on vacation faces a classic dilemma.  What can they all do together that every family member will enjoy?  One activity that won't require any compromise is miniature or putt-putt golf. The adventure-filled mini courses are a great way for the entire family to enjoy a day together. Next time you and your family are looking for a fun weekend activity while on vacation or at home, suggest mini golf. Here are just a few of the great mini golf courses in the United States.

Mayday Golf, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
This course has a great story to accompany its fun 18-hole courses. Imagine that you were on a plane that had to crash-land on a tropical island. While you are waiting to be rescued, you and your friends and family can play mini golf on "Mayday Mountain" and "Rescue Falls." Everyone will have an amazing time exploring the tropical island-themed courses.

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Top Picks | Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

The Best Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

This May, if you are seeking a way to enjoy a unique and fun spring celebration, check out one of these great Cinco de Mayo celebrations throughout the United States. Cinco de Mayo, which means the fifth of May in Spanish, celebrates the day Mexico defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla. It's a common misconception that Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican Independence Day, which is actually celebrated on September 16. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and have a great time. These ten celebrations are only a few of the many diverse and unique celebrations that you will find throughout the United States around May fifth.

Denver, Colorado
Each year in Civic Center Park, Denver, there is a huge Cinco de Mayo celebration. The Cinco de Mayo "Celebrate Culture Festival" is one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the country. Denver has a vibrant Latino community and this is one way the city comes together to celebrate Latino culture. In 2010, the festival will have three live entertainment venues. There will be a wide variety of Latino music and dance, as well as folk arts and handicrafts, a children's carnival, and much more. Of course, no Cinco de Mayo celebration would be complete without lots of great Mexican food.

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Top Picks | Bird Watching Festivals

Best of...Bird Watching Festivals

Bird watching festivals are a great way for birders of all skill levels to gather together and increase their knowledge. Every bird festival in every region has its own unique flare. The best way to choose a bird festival is by picking one in the region that has the species of birds you are most interested in. In addition to the region, the season of the year also make a big difference in the type of birds you'll be able to see. The eight festivals below represent a very few of the broad range of bird festivals available throughout the United States.

Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival, Arcata, CA
The 15th-annual Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival will be held from April 15 to April 21, 2010. There are events and excursions planned for the whole week of the festival, but the core days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 16-18. During the three days there will be lectures, seminars, an art contest, a keynote speaker and many other interesting activities and events. This festival is named after the Marbled Godwit, thousands of which winter in this region of northern California.

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