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Top Climbing Destinations

Top Climbing Destinations

If the side of a sheer rock wall fills you with the urge to strap on a harness and search for finger-holds, then you were born to rock climb.  No matter where your travels take you, you’ll find a great climbing spot to tackle.  Be safe and climb well!  And don’t forget to email us with more great climbing spots.

Yosemite, California
The towering rock walls of Yosemite make this the ultimate climbing destination.  You’ll find 3,000-foot cliffs shooting up from the valley floor, just beckoning you.  When you’re done tackling rock walls and boulders, take the hike up Half Dome for the incredible views.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado
You’ll find amazing Colorado scenery at the Garden of the Gods, a climbing oasis that’s just outside Colorado Springs (45 minutes from Denver). You can climb year round here, tackling the 300-foot sandstone fins.  You’ll find climbs that are suitable for all levels and age groups.

Barn Bluff, Minnesota
Overlooking the backwaters of the Mississippi and downtown Red Wing, Minnesota you’ll find Barn Bluff, a steep cliff face that’s ideal for climbing. Don’t miss the spectacular views of the river below or the city in the distance.

Red Rocks, Nevada
Not far from the neon lights of Las Vegas, you’ll find the climbing mecca of Red Rocks.  This climbing area includes both moderate routes and cracks that will challenge any pro.  Climbs are made easier by the presence of bolted anchors that help you progress quickly, and you’ll find stunning views in the canyon as you work this 3000-foot block of sandstone.

Desert Towers, Utah
The sandstone towers of Utah demand to be climbed.  This Colorado Plateau destination has plenty of sandstone to explore and miles of beautiful scenery surrounding the walls.  Take care on the sandstone, especially after a recent rain or snow, since the rock may be weaker when it’s wet.

South Lake Tahoe, California
You’ll find routes of all kinds in South Lake Tahoe.  The firm granite walls include steep knobs like Phantom Spires, smooth cracks at Sugarloaf, and routes with preset bolts at Luther Rock, Luther Spires and Mayhem Cove.

Table Mountain North, Colorado
With its proximity to Denver and number of easy and moderate routes (with bolts), Table Mountain North is one of the best climbs in the Front Range area.  Thanks to its southern exposure, the rock walls are blessed with warm sun, making year-round climbing possible. Head to Golden, Colorado, above the Coors Brewery.

McConnell's Mill State Park, Pennsylvania
Glacial lakes created the steep cliffs and walls of this 2,546 acre park.  Set in the dramatic Slippery Rock Creek Gorge, the park has two climbing and rappelling areas. Trained beginners should tackle the Rim Road Climbing Area across the creek from the Old Mill, while Breakneck Bridge is open to more advanced climbers.

Shagg Crag, Maine
This southwest-facing granite wall has over twenty different climbing routes, including trickier routes for more experienced climbers.  You won’t want to miss the stunning views and the challenge of working up this solid granite face.

Triple Buckets, Vermont
Ready to go bouldering?  Then head to Vermont’s climbing hot spot at Triple Buckets in the northern part of the state.  You’ll find a range of routes for every experience level, including bolted areas and some V5 and V6-level routes.



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