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Harmony Lakeside RV Park, Silver Creek

Located on the shores of Mayfield Lake, between Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier, this campground offers visitors to Washington wonderful amenities and access to fascinating destinations. Visitors can take nice trips to Mount Rainier National Park and Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, as well as enjoy plenty of recreation on Mayfield Lake. In addition the RV Park has plenty of fun onsite activities and attractions, including a Koi pond, bronze art and more. Make sure to secure your spot at Harmony Lakeside RV Park the next time you travel to Washington using the convenient online reservation system.  Check Availability. 

Wine Country RV Park, Prosser

Located in Washington's wine country, this RV Park offers excellent amenities and access to all of the fun that Wine Country has to offer. Visitors to this RV Park can spend time visiting the local wineries and enjoying excellent wine tasting, as well as taking hot air balloon rides and more. Travelers to Washington can secure their spot at this wonderful RV Park using the quick and easy online reservation system.  Check Availability.

Top Rated RV Parks | Washington


Dry Falls State Park

The Dry Falls are these amazing falls are the remnants of what was once the largest waterfall know to have existed on Earth. Visitors to the Dry Falls will see the 3.5 miles of sheer cliffs that drop 400 feet, which is a little over twice the drop of Niagara Falls. The Dry Falls were created by the collapse of one of the ice dams that held back the waters of the Glacial Lake Missoula. The flood that followed eventually created the Dry Falls. Visitors to Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park can learn all about the geological process that created these amazing falls at the Interpretive Center located in Sun Lake State Park in Coulee City. At the foot of the Dry Falls visitors will find over 73,000 feet of freshwater shoreline. Visitors to this area might also want to stop and enjoy some of the areas many lakes, as well as the Grand Coulee Dam and Coulee City.


The little town of Leavenworth lies at the base of the Cascade Mountains. Leavenworth is an especially fun destination in Washington because the entire town has adopted a Bavarian Theme. Visitors to Leavenworth can enjoy the Bavarian homes, shops and even restaurants. Leavenworth is also a great destination for year-round recreation. The town is near to Lake Wenatchee, the Wenatchee National Forest and much more. It is a great rock-climbing spot, visitors can also try some ag-tourism to learn about the areas agriculture including berry farms and orchards. Leavenworth is also a great winter destination, the town has Bavarian themed holiday celebrations, and it is a great spot for cross-country skiing as well as many more winter activities. Visitors to Leavenworth may also want to take the short trip to nearby Cashmere, for a tour of the famous Aplets & Cotlets Factory and Country Store, where visitors can enjoy some of Washington's unique candy.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park protects one of the most stunning and iconic images of Washington State. Mount Rainier is an amazing destination, especially during the summer. Campers will find many beautiful places to enjoy within and around Mount Rainier National Park. Although the park is covered in snow for much of the year, the summer months are particularly beautiful with wildflowers blooming, fascinating wildlife, backcountry recreation and more. Mount Rainier also offers a great view into the past through the lodges and other historic buildings around the park. Another way to experience the beauty of Mount Rainier National Park is to take a trip on the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad. This railroad is the longs continuously operating steam train in the Pacific Northwest, and offers its riders stunning views of beautiful forests and scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

Mount St. Helens

On May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted, sending ash all the way into eastern Washington and beyond. The eruption and a large earthquake caused the north face of the mountain to collapse creating a devastation pyroclastic mud flow. The eruption lasted for nine hours. After the eruption, in 1982 the President and Congress created the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, which set aside 11,000 acres for research, education and recreation, and the environment was left to respond to the eruption naturally. Today visitors to the mountain can climb the mountain with a permit. Those visitors that climb the mountain can see the lava dome that was building, but which now appears to have stopped. Visitors to Mount St. Helens that want to climb the mountain should always check mountain conditions and warnings before going up as it is still an active volcano. Other features of the mountain include the Johnson Ridge Observatory, the Silver Lake Visitor Center and the Coldwater Lake Recreation Area, all of which are great places to learn about the history of the mountain, and see how the environment has responded to the eruption.

North Cascades National Park Complex

The National Park Complex is composed of three areas, North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake National Recreation Area and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. Each area offers unique opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the North Cascades. Within these three parks, visitors will discover the amazing scenery of the North Cascades, including peaks, waterfalls, and more than 300 glaciers. The North Cascades National Park is filled with hiking trails, some that are fairly easy and others that are rigorous, steep, mountain climbs. Visitors can also enjoy climbing, boating, fishing, and more throughout the year in the National Park Complex.  Ross Lake is a great spot to enjoy activities like boating, fishing and more. For those visitors looking to enjoy some solitude and remote recreation, the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area is a great destination. To reach this area of the park, visitors should continue along the North Cascades Highway to Chelan. There is no car access to the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, so all visitors must travel by boat, passenger ferry or plane to the village of Stehekin at the northern end of Lake Chelan from Chelan at the southern end of the lake.



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